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Spring doesn'ot start in the best way this year, however, it's always essential to keep up to date with the trends of each season. Therefore, we will closely analyze the trends established, according to VOGUE, for the spring and summer of 2020, and how you can apply them when purchasing your bikinis.

Flowery patterns and hot and strong colors have always been present in the hot seasons, but this year you can use and abuse them, especially in your bikinis, if you prefer to use these types of patterns in a more discreet way.

Another trend that returned this year is transparency. In the 90s, transparent clothes were widely used to expose the sensuality of the female body and this year, that same sensuality returns in force. If you have a bold style and feel confident about it, bet on transparent bikini pieces, top or bottom, to keep your outfit balanced. If, on the other hand, you prefer to be in fashion in more discreet ways, choose to combine your bikini or swimsuit with a translucent dress or blouse.

Finally, one of the biggest trends of this season is draped fabric, that is, fabric that has some folds or undulations when arranged. You can find several models on our website with these characteristics, from bikinis to swimsuits.

In this exceptional situation, try to find some productive activities in order to fill and complete your day. Start by trying and selecting the bikinis or swimsuits you have in your closet and decide which models you want to keep and which ones have reached the end of their glory days. Then take a look at our products, and select those models that can complete your summer!


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