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According to experts, each person's skin can be characterized by its phototype, which briefly describes how the skin reacts to sun exposure. The main factors that make it possible to identify skin phototypes are hair color and skin color.

PHOTOTYPE 1: Very light skin

Clear skin, often with freckles; Usually the hair is blond or red, and the eyes are blue or green; The skin is extremely sensitive to the sun, it always burns and does not tan;
Individual protection time of 3 to 10 minutes (the time it takes to turn red, when not protected);

PHOTOTYPE 2: Light skin

Light skin, but a little darker than type 1; People with this type of skin usually have blonde to dark blonde hair and blue or green eyes; The skin is also sensitive to the sun, tans slowly, but not always, and is prone to sunburn and freckles after getting a little sun;
                       Individual protection time of 10 to 20 minutes;

PHOTOTYPE 3: Light to medium skin

Slightly darker skin; The hair color usually varies from dark blond to brown, and the color of the eyes is also variable; The skin is only slightly sensitive to the sun, it tans progressively, but if it doesn't protect itself properly, it can burn easily and quickly, the tan lasts a long time;
                       Individual protection time of 20 to 30 minutes;

PHOTOTYPE 4: Medium skin

Light brown skin; Dark brown or black hair and dark eyes; The skin is robust, tans and burns little. Tanning lasts a long time;
Individual protection time of 40 minutes;

    PHOTOTYPE 5: Medium to dark skin

    Medium to dark skin; Brown or black hair; Dark eyes; It tans a lot and rarely burns.


    PHOTOTYPE 6: Dark or very dark skin

    Dark or very dark skin; Black hair; Dark eyes;

    The groups at greatest risk are those belonging to phototype 1 and 2. The smaller the skin phototype, the greater the care must be taken with the sun, as the skin is more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. However, regardless of the sun exposure tolerance of each skin phototype, it is extremely important that everyone protects their skin. Carelessness in your protection can lead to more complex health problems, such as cancer.
    Bear in mind that the information provided is generalized, and does not exempt you from being examined by a specialist, in order to know exactly your skin type and its specificities, so that you can provide the necessary care.

    This summer, show off our bikinis while enjoying the sun.


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