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Buying a bikini or a swimsuit can be a very boring and complicated moment if we do not know how to take into account all our body measurements. Often you want to buy a set and although the bottom part fits you like a glove, the top part does not favor your body at all or vice versa. Now, I leave you with a fundamental tip: if your hips and shoulders are not the same width, look for panties and bikini bras in different sets, so you can adjust the sizes of each piece to suit you perfectly.

Many women dream of the perfect body but the truth is that it doesn't exist, a perfect body is a body that you feel 100% confident with it. If your shoulders and hips are the same width, that means you can wear almost any type of bikini or swimsuit and everything will be fine. As such, you can highlight the two parts, using prints or attractive colors and pieces with details, such as brilliants, stones, etc. Our Charlie Bikini is a great choice, since it has a trendy tropical patern, both bottom and top.

Now, women with narrow hips and broad shoulders can choose to use bottoms with side details, printed patterns or bright colors, to create a feeling of volume and, on the other hand, use simple models with neutral colors on the top. A good choice would be our Orange Flower Bikini.

In the case of women with wide hips and narrow shoulders, the most appropriate choice is to use simple bottoms with wider sides, and the top printed and with details, in order to generate the illusion of volume. The Desert Bikini meets all these characteristics, with the wrinkled top giving it some relief and volume, and the side of the bikini briefs is also slightly wrinkled.

Now ignoring the hips and shoulders, for ladies with a more prominent belly, the ideal is to use raised bottoms, even close to the navel, in order to shape their silhouette. If you prefer, you can also use the swimsuit, and you can find lots of models on our page.

All bodies are perfect in their own way, so keep in mind that this article makes only a few recommendations for highlighting certain parts of your body. Do not feel the need to fit the standards of society and wear what you like best. And to celebrate International Women's Day, enjoy of 30% discount with the code WOMENDAY, when buiyng three bikinis or swimsuits.


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