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Family travel always involves a lot of work, especially when it includes children, as extra care is needed when planning the entire trip. As such, in order to continue with the previous post, I will now introduce you to the best destinations for a family trip in the summer, and what to do in each location.

Algarve, Portugal
 The Algarve region, located in Portugal (country that won the best destination in the world award for three consecutive years), is divided into several incredible cities, such as Albufeira, Vilamoura, Lagos, Portimão, etc., with activities of a different nature in each one, which you can do with your whole family, visiting them all. When planning your trip, be sure to include at part of your day, at least a few hours of beach time in all the cities you visit. Algarve beaches are known for their warm water, which leads to a huge flow of tourists every year, coming from different parts of the world. On the other hand, when traveling to Algarve, in addition to visiting the water parks that will make children super happy, take the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Portuguese cuisine, in the various restaurants that you will find next to the beaches, with a very familiar atmosphere and always full . Keep in mind that Portugal is one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe, so you can easily have all your meals out, experiencing something different every day.

Maui, Hawaii, USA

As it is known, Hawaii has the good of both worlds, exotic beaches and thousands of hectares of wild forests and mountains, and Maui is no exception, so it offers activities in both contexts, for you and your children. To enjoy the nature of the island's immensely green spaces, you can choose to take an excursion throughout the day, where you will have the opportunity to observe the numerous waterfalls of Maui and swim in some of them, observe the tropical fauna and interact with the locals of the island and immersing yourself a little in their culture. In order to take advantage of all the wealth that Maui's beaches offer, the ideal activity is to take a boat trip along the coast, passing through several beaches, and with great possibilities to see dolphins and whales, especially in February.

 Thailand is a country with a great gastronomic tradition, capable of satisfying everyone's tastes, and offers, despite some risks that can easily be circumvented with correct planning, various activities for children and adults, related to culture and education, and water sports on paradisiacal beaches. Traces and testimonies of Asian culture can be found in all countries on the continent, such as Thailand. You can visit several temples and museums with your children, so they can learn about other cultural and educational realities. On the other hand, Thai cuisine is one of the main tourist "attractions”. When visiting this country, it is mandatory to go through gastronomic markets, street food stalls or restaurants, so that you can taste different delicacies, made in different ways. In principle, children will have no problem eating Thai food if you don't choose the most spicy dishes, but in any case, in the main cities you can also easily find restaurants in the main fast food chains. You can also take cooking classes with your family, so you can learn together to make traditional Thai food, a very fun activity, especially for children. To also enjoy Thai beaches, you can choose to travel to one of the islands, spend a few days relaxing by the sea with your family and practice various water sports and, with a quick search, you can find some excellent ones to amuse your children. 

Santa Monica, California, USA

Santa Monica, located in California, is a family summer destination, close to the coast so that you can enjoy the beach and the intense days of sun and heat, but a little more relaxed than the previous destinations. Santa Monica Pier is one of its most iconic places, where you can find several attractions to visit with your family, such as “Pacific Park”, “Santa Monica Pier Aquarium”, or to attend a concert or show. The beach next to the pier on busy days is quite crowded, but as it has a vast beach, you always can find a little space for you to enjoy the sun and the sea. Santa Monica is a very relaxed place so, in addition to the many attractions you can visit, an ideal choice would be to dine one of the days at the “Santa Monica Food Truck Lot”, a place with lots of street food vans, with so many options that it is impossible for any of them to please their children.

Florida, USA
 Florida is one of the most attractive states of the USA, from the countless amusement family parks it owns, to the fantastic beaches and islands. Orlando is the most popular city for families for a day, or several, in a theme park. Its best known park is “Walt Disney World Orlando”, one of the biggest theme attractions in the world that will delight the youngest, but will also delight you, and includes two water parks and four theme parks. In addition to the Disney park, you can also visit other theme parks, such as Universal's “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” or SeaWorld for example. On the other hand, you can also spend a peaceful holiday on several Miami islands, such as “Amelia Island”, a very peaceful island, with beautiful beaches, where you will find many activities to do as a family. However, Miami is an area to avoid for a family vacation during Spring Break, due to student parties.

As you can see, there are lots of activities that you can choose to do with your family during your sumnmer holidays, especially by the beach. To have perfect vacations, don't forget to go through the children's bikini section, so you won't miss anything!



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